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Certainly! We offer several cosmetic treatments that require only one appointment. It is always preferable to have a consultation to assess your needs.
We offer many cosmetic treatments that require only one appointment. It is always preferable to have a consultation to assess your needs. In most cases, it is now possible to perform these treatments in a single visit thanks to mechanized endodontics and CEREC 3D technology.
90% of new patients ask this question at the first appointment with our denturologist. A denture that is not in proportion to your mouth and facial dimensions will stand out. A well-made denture that has a natural appearance is virtually invisible. We can plan several trial fittings of the denture in your mouth so that you will have the final say before the final processing is completed.
All of the dentists in our clinic are well aware of this fear and have a common philosophy of providing compassionate care to make the experience as pleasant as possible.
Thousands of patients are treated in our office and tens of thousands of injections are performed at our center every year. Relax … you are in gentle and experienced hands.
Sometimes the only way to keep a tooth is to do a root canal which involves simply disinfecting a tooth that has a large cavity.
Every day, Drs Socqué and Babaci perform several root canal treatments and the patients are much better off once the pain and infection are gone.
In the past, root canal treatments were much less refined. People feared the primitive form of this treatment performed without “freezing” and usually with a small shot of whiskey as a “local anesthesia”. Unfortunately, this is why root canal still has a poor reputation.
In summary, with the techniques used today, you no longer have to worry. Sometimes our patients fall asleep in the chair during a root canal treatment performed by one of our dentists!
Bleeding of the gums occurs when you floss if there is inflammation caused by the growth of bacteria around the teeth and gums. Brushing and flossing “interrupts” the proliferation of microbes.
Bleeding gums is never normal because it is a sign that there is disease. That is why we recommend a dental check-up every six months to check the status of your gums. If there is gum disease or evidence of bone loss, the check-ups will be more frequent depending on the severity of the problem.
Do not wait until the disease progresses as it can become more difficult to treat and even cause serious problems regarding your general health.
Because this treatment allows :
1 – the greatest conservation of the remaining tooth structure,
2 – creation of extremely durable restorations,
3 – extremely biocompatible restorations without metal or mercury (unlike the “silver fillings”),
4 – highly esthetic restorations that mimic natural tooth,
5 – avoiding the need for a full crown 90% of the time.
Other benefits :
6 – This treatment can be done in one appointment without the need for a temporary crown or traditional impressions.
7 – The ceramic used has several characteristics of human enamel.
8 – Since it is more durable and more conservative for the tooth, the tooth needs less work over time so there is a reduced risk of needing a root canal.
Most studies on this subject suggest twenty years or more but there are rare exceptions. Regular follow ups and good maintenance are necessary. Nothing lasts forever if we don’t give it the care it needs.
For many reasons:
1- The function: To chew you must have all of your teeth since the loss of a single tooth sometimes forces us to alter the way we eat. This can have short, medium and long term consequences.
2- Digestion: Did you know that when you are missing teeth, food is not broken down as effectively so your stomach needs to work harder? That is why people who have missing teeth often have stomach problems.
3- Aesthetics: Not only is having a black hole not attractive but spaces in the mouth allow the remaining teeth to shift into poor positions. Studies have shown that people who do not have a nice smile have greater difficulty gaining people’s trust and succeeding in life.
4- Harmony of the jaw joints: The loss of a tooth (even a single posterior tooth) can create an imbalance in the jaw joints and painful symptoms can occur because the person no longer chews as much on the side that the tooth was lost. If several teeth are lost, the imbalance created may be more severe.
5- The general collapse of the dentition: The loss of several posterior teeth usually results in excessive wear of the front teeth over the years because they are needed to help grind up food. They are asked to do work which they are not designed to perform. The posterior teeth are wide and have multiple roots and are designed for this purpose.
Yes, CEREC technology (see our section “Technology” under “CEREC”) will, in most cases, be incredibly durable.
This is the discipline of dentistry that deals with the symptoms experienced by patients as a result of an imbalance of the “muscles of articulation” and the temporomandibular joints.
In summary, the way the upper and lower teeth come together can affect the muscles of mastication and the function of the jaw joints. Conversely, a problem in the joint may force the muscles of mastication to compensate and this will affect the way the teeth fit together (occlusion), sometimes resulting in dental problems.
Symptoms experienced may be minor or significant (see the list of possible signs and symptoms).
Possible signs and symptoms :
Headaches, limited mouth opening, pain or noises in the joint, painful facial muscles, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo, teeth clenching (bruxism and clenching), neck and shoulder problems, posture problems, tingling fingertips (paresthesia), chipped front teeth and chronic irritation of the corners of the mouth (chealitis).
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