Partial dentures

Did you know that with the new types of materials, dentures are now very light, comfortable and above all very discreet?

A partial denture is used to replace the teeth when a fixed bridge is not possible and implant placement (to replace the teeth) is not feasible at the moment.

A partial denture is a removable dental device that replaces your missing teeth. It restores the aesthetics of your mouth and improves your ability to chew. It is important to replace missing teeth in the mouth because the life span, harmony and position of the remaining teeth can be adversely affected.

Complete dentures

Did you know that there are new types of dentures that replace all the teeth, are very comfortable and have a realistic appearance?

Technology has changed significantly since the days when only traditional dental prostheses, that is to say, the dentures were available. Today, much more precise measuring devices help create personalized, more comfortable and natural dentures. We can make dentures that are very stable or even fixed in the mouth, restoring the same function and bite forces as natural teeth and we can even rebuild the jaw bone.

Thanks to our personalized and artistic work, your denture blends in and your face regains its natural appearance.